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God-Centered & Family-Owned Business

Our story began like many others: with a vision of a better future for our children and family on our journey to walk in God's truth. Our hope for the future was to become closer to God and one another, become self reliant, teach our children where our food comes from, and be able to provide our family with healthy food and the skill set to produce such food themselves. 

This led us to purchasing our forever home and farm we have today.  We now happily raise an array of farm animals and produce, candles, bath salts, and more while continuing to live by Biblical principles. We are building our family and farm in spirit and love.

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Tolleson Family Farm is owned and operated by our family of four.  We are passionate about producing healthy, wholesome food for your family.  We raise chickens, ducks, geese, and hogs.  All of our animal products are raised with our extremely high hygienic standards coupled with loving treatment.   We strive to sell live animals that are high quality. Our produce is grown without herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides.  We raise a mix of heirloom and hybrid fruits and vegetables. 

In addition to food products and live animals, we also hand make candles, bath salts, and canned goods.  Our candles are made with soy wax, essential oils, paraben-free fragrances, along with dried flowers, leaves, and herbs, much of which is foraged for or raised on our farm.  Our bath salts are made with essential oils, Black Sea salt, epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, dried flowers, fruits, and herbs.

Grab some canned goods, candles, bath salts, fresh produce, and more from Tolleson Family Market at 300 Connally Street in downtown Sulphur Springs, TX to help support our small family run farm.





Chickens, Ducks, & Geese

Our flock is free range & NON-GMO.

The chickens, ducks, and geese have free range of our ten acre farm.  From the pond to the pasture to the woodlands - our flock loves it all!

The types of feathery friends we raise include:

Chinese Geese

Khaki Campbell, Jumbo Pekin, and Runner Ducks

Barnyard Mix of Chickens



KuneKune & Guinea

The KuneKune is a small heritage breed that is native to New Zealand.  These hogs are excellent grazers and pasture managers and tend to root around less than other pigs. This breed can weigh anywhere from 100 to 400 lbs. The meat produced make excellent quality meat. The KuneKune produces meat that is red and deeply marbled and fine lard.

The Guinea Hog is heritage breed native to West Africa. They are praised as being the best pig for a small homestead due to their ability to graze and produce high quality meat and charcuterie. These Hogs weigh between 150 and 300 pounds.



We raise a wide variety of heirloom and hybrid produce here on the farm.  From avocados to zucchini, and so much in between.

Our heirloom varieties are continually being added to.  Check in often to see what is new!



Meet the Tollesons

Our family of five happily consists of Cory, Jenna, Tristan, Cole, and Connor.

Cory is the leader of our family and business.  He excels in working with his hands and has a gift for befriending animals of any type with his calm and steady demeanor,

Jenna is the creative thinker and candle maker/ canning expert.  She  loves creating new things; whether they are candle designs or recipes in the kitchen, Jenna truly enjoys utilizing her creativity and craftsmanship.

Tristan is our expert animal-namer and idea generator.  She also loves helping with all the baby animals with her motherly spirit.

Cole is our big helper and animal enthusiast.  From piggies to chickies, he loves them all.

Connor is the newest addition to our family, we are so blessed to have another little Tolleson running around the farm.

Tristan Tolleson


Dutch Shepherd

Meet Pyro, the protector of our family and all of our livestock. Pyro is family-focused, energetic, playful, and highly intelligent. We love his gentle demeanor with our children and his strength and might as our guardian.


The Dutch Shepherd is a highly intelligent and active herding dog originally bred for farm work and sheep herding. They are a rare breed originating from the Netherlands. One of their many amazing traits includes them being excellent family dogs due to their protective nature and great attitude with small children. This breed is a guardian, farmhand, and loving family companions. Dutch Shepherds are highly trainable and athletic dogs who are always eager and happy to please.

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