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  • Where can I purchase your products?
    Our products can be purchased in person at Tolleson Family Market located at 300 Connally Street in Sulphur Springs, on our website, or on our Etsy page. Contact us for more information. (903) 575-8191
  • What products do you provide?
    We provide an array of products here on the farm. Our products include: eggs for consumption, hatching eggs, chicken meat, pig meat, goat meat, produce, canned goods, candles, and farmhouse decor. Our animal products are all natural and pasture raised with love. We also sell live chickens, ducks, geese, goats, and pigs. Our produce is herbicide and pesticide free. We grow a variety of heirloom and hybrid produce. We also sell cuttings, starter plants, and pitted plants. Our candles are hand made with soy wax, essential oils, and paraben-free fragrances. Some of our candles are filled and decorated with dried fruit, flowers, leaves and spice; much of which we grow here on the farm or forage in our local area. Our farmhouse decor includes upcycled and hand made items - with many materials being found on our farm.
  • How do I place an order?
    From hatching eggs to candles, you can pre-order any out of stock item. In order to place an order, contact us and describe to us what you are wanting. Feel free to include pictures in your description if necessary. You are able to special order and request handmade candles and farmhouse decor that are currently unavailable or sold out. Contact us to place your next order today! (903) 575-8191
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