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Tolleson Books

Embark on a magical literary adventure with our collection of over 65 independently written and illustrated kids' books, recipe books, informational books, and more available exclusively on


From enchanting tales like 'Melody the Magical Mermaid' to the whimsical 'The Library of Flowers,' our children's stories are a celebration of friendship, nature, education, and timeless lessons.

As an independent publisher, we take pride in crafting tales that captivate young minds, fostering a joy for learning, curiosity, and creativity. Our books are more than just stories; they're invitations to explore the wonders of our world.

For a touch of local charm, a selection of our books is available at Tolleson Family Market in downtown Sulphur Springs, TX.  Join us in nurturing the joy of reading, available at your fingertips on and in-store at Tolleson Family Market.

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